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Episode 1: Page 24

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Monster Boy

"Boy" used to live a quiet, lonely life. He has left so miniscule an impression on his peers at school that few of them even know his real name. He has no friends to speak of, and the only kids who pay him any attention steal his lunch money and shove him into lockers.

Things don't get much better for him when he is visited by a self-proclaimed monster named Vex. The creature is attached to him at all times, and isn't in any rush to leave. Boy discovers he's not the only human with a monster companion, but he is the only one who is able to communicate with them.

That is until he meets two other students at his school with the same ability, and two very different monsters.


MB Forums are back up!

Well, the Monster Boy comic site went down and there was nothing I could do about it until the admins fixed it.

So I put the forums back together. Why not.


That little Forums link at the top of the page should be working again. Enjoy! <3

posted by ReincarnatedParano @ July 14th, 2014, 5:56 pm  -  0 comments

500 fans and Vacation!

Hey guys! I said I would update the MB blog with any important information that I announced during the last LiveStream which pfff I totally forgot to do, so here we go:

The comic is now drawn in pencil, and shaded in greyscale!
You probably noticed that already. But some people thought that this new scene was a flashback and that was the reason for the greyscale. I thought I should clarify that that is not the case; I am drawing the comic in greyscale because 1) it suits the story better (the monsters are black and white for example) and 2) it’s my preferred way of working. Hope you’ve been digging it so far! I’ve been having a lot more fun, that’s for sure!

My good friend Mera is helping with the flats!
She’s awesome!

The comic has no set updated schedule. I aim to update every 7-10 days.
I don’t got a lotta free time, mang. :C

Expect some changes (some more radical than others) to the story in the future! Some of the facts I revealed about the world and characters in previous years may not be true in the final version of the comic!
I had a lot of time to think about what I really wanted to do with this story, and I am very satisfied with the changes I’ve made. I hope you will be too!

That’s about it for important LiveStream stuff. (That I can remember anyway…)

But wait! There’s more!


Sorry not sorry. Really looking forward to this vaykay. I’ll make up for the lost time though, I promise! I don’t wanna be slacking either!

And coolest of all:

Monster Boy reached 500+ fans on SmackJeeves!!
Thank you so much for all your support! You guys are wonderful. ;u;/ <3

That’s about all for now! Thanks for reading the comic, I sincerely hope you’ve been enjoying it so far and will like what is to come in the future. See you in two weeks! C: <333

posted by ReincarnatedParano @ June 11th, 2014, 7:39 pm  -  1 comments

300 fans!

Thanks everyone! <3

posted by ReincarnatedParano @ May 19th, 2013, 12:05 pm  -  1 comments

Compy is home safe and sound!

My computer has returned from repairs, and all is well. No hard drive damage, just needed to have the power supply replaced. MB will update next week.

Also, we reached 200 fans on SJ. Thank you everyone! \;w;/

posted by ReincarnatedParano @ February 7th, 2013, 7:26 pm  -  0 comments

100 Fans!

That was quick! Thanks so much, everyone. I've really appreciated all of your kind words; feedback, positive or negative, is an artist's bread and butter, so receiving comments and critique from you all has helped me to no end.

I've been working hard on this project for the past year and a half, and I'm really excited to finally get to produce the story in its entirety. I do hope you enjoy it!

Monster Boy will continue to update on Wednesdays for now.

posted by ReincarnatedParano @ December 4th, 2012, 6:29 pm  -  1 comments

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